Target Pest Solution


Target Pest Solution is a leading commercial and residential pest control service provider in Delhi NCR. At TPS we offer the best solutions and prevention measures for pest controlling problems, be it your residence or commercial spaces. We have highly professional technicians and advanced technologies to disinfect and knock away any type of pest problems, in order to make your surroundings clean and safe.

As we are in a time of a global pandemic which has taken over humanity severely, the responsibility of TPS has multiplied many folds higher than usual.

We at the prevailing situations are dealing with a deadly invisible enemy. Many living beings and their livelihood have been put to a halt all across the globe. The world is hardly hit by the coronavirus, and there are millions of cases reported worldwide, and millions have lost their lives already. Taking into consideration our own country with such a vast population, it is scary enough how the outbreak could have created havoc if a prompt decision of keeping everyone at home wouldn’t have brought into action.

Although this has worked for the country to some extent, the numbers have still spiked up if not at a fast rate. And we at TPS are equally distressed by the situation, and the hazards of the virus the country and the world are drowning into right now.

And in order to contribute to this life-threatening crisis, we would like to provide our services even more efficiently than before. As is said, prevention is better than cure; the looming times have definitely shown us so. It is as much necessary to disinfect our surroundings to keep our health and that of our loved ones at bay from the diseases and viruses now and anytime in the future.

Target Pest Control is providing sanitizing and disinfecting solutions for homes, housing complexes, buildings and every other commercial space to help you protect from life-threatening viruses and antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

We are employing a sanitizing system which is capable of cleaning, disinfecting and eliminating odours from your surroundings. The sanitizing system is user-friendly and biodegradable in nature. The system we are deploying is also non-corrosive with a PH value which is almost neutral.

The system has been designed to provide EPA registered, and USDA approved levels of active chlorine at the end of the Hose. As a result, it has the power to combat and eliminate algae, microorganisms, fungi, bacteria and viruses that cause diseases, odour and corrosion. Besides, it also helps to wash away dirt and debris.

The sanitizing system which we have adopted for the disinfecting purpose is a scientifically tested one and is a fully patented one keeping in mind the safety measures. Adding on the neutral composition of the system makes sure it does not react with any kind of surface.

It is a huge responsibility entrusted upon us, we take our work seriously and have an efficient and trained workforce handling and executing the services, ensuring a quality service and making you feel protected.